VIDEO: Sam Elliott’s (AKA Shea Brennan From 1883) Rules Of Survival Speech

Sam Elliott 1883

With 1883 heated up and in full force, it’s always cool to go back and see some of the scenes that have made the show great so far.

One of the best/funniest parts so far, was the scene when Sam Elliott’s character, Shea Brennan, was discussing the rules of survival in front of the other settlers and immigrants, before they made their trek out west.

Rule #1: Stay Away From Rattlesnakes

He first warns them of the rattlesnake, and told them they better watch out if they’re sleeping on the ground, because rattlesnakes love searching for warmth at night, and a human is the ideal place for warmth.

Rule #2 Don’t touch Poison Ivy

He notes that it won’t kill them, but it’ll make them wish they were dead.

Rule #3 Don’t Drink Water From the Ground

He also warns the crowd to not drink water that comes from the ground, as it’s typically used as a “toilet,” or “water room.”

Of course, if you seen the show, you know they didn’t listen…

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A beer bottle on a dock