Faith Hill & Rita Wilson Getting Hammered Together Is The Best Scene Of ‘1883’ So Far

Faith Hill Rita Wilson 1883

1883 is picking up steam.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge Yellowstone fan, but 1883 has been admittedly a little slow for me. And to be honest, I’ve enjoyed Taylor Sheridan’s other show, Mayor Or Kingstown, a bit more than 1883.

But… since Episode 5, the show has started to pick up some steam.

And granted, I know it takes a little time to get into a new show (even if it’s a prequel series), and you gotta take some time to set the table and introduce the characters, get to know the history and the backstory, etc… but ever since they tried to get across the river, Ennis got shot and, and then Shea’s (Sam Elliott) powerful conversation with Elsa (Isabel May)… it’s gettin’ good.

But for my money, Faith Hill and Rita Wilson gettin’ shitfaced together was the best scene in the show.

I mean, the look on Tim McGraw’s face when he walks over and she’s three sheets to the wind… if you’re married, or been with someone long enough, you’ve undoubtedly experienced that same feeling.

You’re trying to do something important, you’re sober, and your partner is beyond wasted… Tim’s face just says it all.

Of course, Rita’s husband Tom Hanks made a cameo appearance as well in Episode 2.

“Clearly, there was no fun had shooting these scenes! A pleasure to share the screen with Rita Wilson . New episode streams this Sunday.”

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A beer bottle on a dock