Cody Johnson And Ian Munsick Toast To Cowgirls Everywhere With “Long Live Cowgirls”

This one’s for the cowgirls…

We’ve been anticipating this new Cody Johnson/Ian Munsick single all week long, and the time has finally arrived.

And they did not disappoint.

Written by Munsick alongside Aby Gutierrez and Phil O’Donnell, the song kicks off with that gorgeous, wide-open fiddle that will make you feel like you’re riding a horse through the plains of Texas, or even the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

With nods to John Wayne, Chris LeDoux and pearl snap shirts, Johnson and Munsick compliment each other well. When you combine Johnson’s powerful, gritty voice, with Munsick’s silky smooth, much higher tone… it just works.

And needless to say, Munsick was thrilled with the opportunity to work with CoJo:

“When I think of modern country and western music, I think of Cody Johnson. The way he pays respect to the tradition of the genre yet puts his own stamp on it is what has drawn me to his music for the last 10 years.

‘Long Live Cowgirls’ is a testament to the western way of life and how it’s still thriving today. There’s no one out there who represents that lifestyle better than CoJo.”

Johnson has been quite vocal about his disappointment in the sound of mainstream country music, and it’s great to know that both Johnson and Munsick are fighting the good fight, keeping that pure country sound alive, with Munsick bringing his own unique western sound to the genre.

Give it a listen, it’s a damn good start to a Friday:

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