Cody Johnson and Ian Munsick To Release New Song “Long Live Cowgirls” This Friday

Cody Johnson ian munsick country music

Okay, this is intriguing.

Cody Johnson’s explosion into the spotlight has been nothing short of spectacular.

After years of dominating the Texas scene, he put his sights on nationwide audiences and has more than exceeded expectations.

His latest single, “Til You Can’t” is taking country music by storm, on the way to being his highest charting song to date, as well as making huge waves in the streaming market (and let’s be honest that’s where the real fans, and therefore real data, are.)

And soon, we’re getting another release, his first (apart from Christmas music) since his second major label record Human: The Double Album

“Long Live Cowgirls” with the 🐐 Cody Johnson out THIS FRIDAY!”

I’ll be honest, I’m interested.

Ian Munsick is a unique artist, there’s no denying that. His music combines traditional western lyrics and instrumentation with a good amount of pop production and big sound. Add into the mix his uniquely high vocal tone and it’s, well… to be honest I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it yet, but it’s certainly compelling and I believe he’s got a ton of potential.

So, how will this one come out?

Cody recently said it’s his life mission to make country music sound like country music again, so you’d believe anything he puts his name on will serve that purpose.

Long live cowgirls and long live Cody Johnson.

I’ll drink to that.

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