Colorado Police Officer Says She Was Forced To Quit After Coworkers Discovered Her OnlyFans Account

Only Fans cop

A Colorado police officer gets a $30,000 severance package after her OnlyFans account is discovered by coworkers so she can leave without an internal investigation…

Ever heard that one before?

Yeah, me neither, but it’s a true story straight from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Melissa Williams, a 48-year-old lieutenant at a detention center in Colorado and mom of two, recently left her position after 28 years of service.

After several colleagues discovered her OnlyFans page, a female officer in a nearby police department filed a complaint against her back in August, according to KDVR.

Melissa says she never intended to make the account public knowledge:

“I think some people viewed as what I did for fun, as being a sex worker, but I’m the same as someone else’s neighbor, their friend, mom, daughter.

I’m still the same person I was for the 18 months the page existed and nobody knew. I was a really good cop. I was a really good cop and I was a really good leader.”

It makes you wonder how her coworkers even found the page in the first place. Sounds like there’s a little bit more to the story if you ask me…

For the past 18 months, Melissa has been posting on the private account, along with her husband, and says she never posted anything while on-duty or in uniform, and never identified herself as a law enforcement officer:

“A lot of the material my husband and I shared is stuff we’d taken in our private sex life over the years.

I was working up to 60-hour weeks, so mostly my husband ran the page and shared my pictures, and then sometimes we’d have fun dressing me up and taking photos especially to share.”

After the news broke and more people started finding out about the account, she knew it was time to leave the department:

“I loved my job — but how could I go back to work in an environment like that? It was hard being a woman in the force.

People have always been jealous of me because I am successful, attractive and confident.”

The Sheriff’s office, however, says that some of the content was taken in public locations, and that she should have asked for permission to have a secondary job:

“The website contained pictures of Lt. Williams posing for pictures clearly showing her face and her genitals, one or more of the photos appear to have been taken in a very public location.”

Melissa claims that the account doesn’t generate employment income, but the New York Post reported that she makes around $4,000 off of it per month.

She accepted the $30,000 retirement package back in November, and says it wasn’t because she was embarrassed by the ordeal:

“I did not leave out of shame and I did not leave out of embarrassment for the OnlyFans page.

I left because it was the right thing for myself and my family, and honestly, the OnlyFans piece was just one part of it.”

The best part about all of it for Melissa is that she says she has a newfound peace of mind:

“My family [is] glad they don’t have to worry about me not coming home.”

There’s two sides to every story, though, and her former employer says that she was never in jeopardy of losing her job, but rather used the opportunity to drive traffic to her site:

“Ms. Williams was not fired, nor was she forced to leave the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Williams’ allegations appear to be nothing more than an effort to manufacture a ‘newsworthy’ story to drive traffic to her website.”

Regardless of the facts and what really went down behind the scenes, I have a feeling she’s gonna start making a lot more off of it now with all the publicity…

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