Yellowstone Season 5: Our 8 Biggest Questions After The Season 4 Finale

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Although the ending of Season 4 of Yellowstone was not quite as climatic as the ending of Season 3, it did resolve some of the questions we had after that cliffhanger of a season finale.

While it hasn’t officially been announced, we know that there will in fact be a Season 5 of Yellowstone. In fact, based on what Taylor Sheridan has said about the trajectory of the show, I think we can probably expect about 6-7 season of the show.

It was recently revealed that Season 5 expects to air this coming fall, so let’s put a bow on Season 4 and look ahead to the biggest questions we’re looking to get answered in Season 5:

Here’s out 8 burning questions about the future of Yellowstone:

John Dutton Running For Governor

It was pretty easy to see that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was campaigning for the next governor of Montana to get back at Jamie (Wes Bentley), but with Jamie’s move to kill his biological father Garrett Randall (Will Patton), along with the attacks on the Dutton family at the end of Season 3, it’ll be interesting to see if John continues to follow through with his campaign.

I mean, John doesn’t want to be Governor, so now that Jamie has proved his loyalty to the family (sorta), will John back down?

Caroline Warner vs Beth Dutton

For the first time ever, Beth may have met her match.

In Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) and Beth’s heated confrontation, for the first time you could see the fear in her eyes. Although the least intimidating looking opponent the Duttons have seen so far, she very well could be the one to put them into the ground.

Then again, maybe all it takes is Rip delivering her a snake in the lunchbox.

Jamie’s Son & Baby Mama

Murdering his own father could be the icing on the cake for his relationship with Christina and his son, as she desperately wants him to get away from the Dutton family and make a life of his own.

And while Jamie seemed to be making strides, something tells me that killing your biological father isn’t gonna sit too well with the baby mama.

The End of Kayce & Monica

With the sexual attraction to Avery, and the appearance of the wolf that made Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) perform a Native American ritual to see if it’s a sign or not… could this mean that him and Monica’s relationship is finished?

Although Kayce would do anything to protect his family, these may be the hardest obstacles to overcome so far in the show.

It sounds like Kayce is gonna have two choices: His life with Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Tate… or his life with his family on the Yellowstone Ranch.

Will Beth & Rip Embrace Carter As A Son?

I personally think this is a match made in Heaven, as Rip and Beth may be the only two on this planet who understand each other.

However, judging by the normal trajectory of the show, I’m sure there will be some wild obstacle the two will face in upcoming seasons that could put a strain on their relationship.

Exhibit A: Carter

Fans were pissed after Beth yelled at Carter for calling her mama, and Kelly Reilly (who plays Beth) even took the time to answers fans’ complaints. However, Cole Hauser said that foster a proper relationship will take some time so perhaps we could see Rip and Beth and Carter emerge as a happy family.

Wouldn’t that be something? Kayce Dutton’s family falls apart while Beth’s flourishes… not exactly what you would’ve guessed.

Is Jimmy Gone For Good?

After Jimmy’s permanent departure from Yellowstone Ranch to the Four Sixes, along with the announcement of the new Four Sixes spinoff starring Jefferson White (Jimmy), it appears that his time on the show may be over?

As the loveable loser, and a fan favorite character, it’s hard to fathom that he would be gone for good, especially with nothing on the spinoff series even in the works yet. But still, you can’t help but wonder what Taylor Sheridan has in store for Jimmy.

Summer Higgins In The Slammer

John said he would help her out… and got her 15 years in prison. It was reduced to 8 months but still… ouch.

Granted, John is more than capable of pulling some strings, but not a good look for the future Governor of Montana. Which reminds me… did nobody wonder why a gubernatorial candidate was hugging some tree-hugging convict in open court? I have to imagine that’s a bit of a PR nightmare.

Either way, is Summer (Piper Perabo) going to get out of  jail? Is her character even going to matter at all? Are her and John gonna bump uglies some more and piss Beth off?

Mo Brings Plenty Spinoff?

Because Mo is the shit, amirite?

Only time will tell…

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