Lainey Wilson Delivers Special ‘Yellowstone’ Performance Of “Rolling Stone”

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You already know the music on Yellowstone is the best soundtrack of any show… ever.

And one of my favorite up and coming artists in Nashville at the moment, Lainey Wilson, has already had three of her songs featured throughout the hit series so far.

Tracks like “Small Town, Girl,” “Straight Up Sideways,” and “Workin’ Overtime” have all been apart of the killer soundtrack that we all love so much.

Lainey recently sat down to talk about why she loves the show and how it reminds her of her own family growing up:

“I grew up around a lot of cowboys, my daddy’s a cowboy, and I watched Season one of Yellowstone, freaking out. I felt like I was seriously watching my family on TV. Because I truly just felt this connection right away to the show.

It’s very rare when you see people who, first of all, just love a show as much a they love Yellowstone, but also the music that goes along with it. So many people just love the soundtrack to Yellowstone.”

As we’ve seen with dozens of artists over the course of the show, it’s fantastic exposure for people who may not be signed to huge record labels or don’t have the ability to market their music to the massive audience that Yellowstone pulls every single week.

Tons of songs have charted immediately, leading to a huge increase in sales, for plenty of artists after any given song appears on an episode. The Panhandlers come to mind as a recent example, but it happens with pretty much every song that’s featured, and for good reason.

So, it’s not hard to imagine that for any artist, it’s extremely exciting when one of their tracks is chosen for an episode… and that was no different for Lainey:

“When I got the call that I was gonna have a song on Yellowstone, I freaked out. I was just so dang excited.

It’s been a huge blessing for me, and this really is introducing my music to a whole different audience.”

For me, that’s easily one of the best parts of the show.

The producers at Yellowstone have great taste, including creator Taylor Sheridan, and pick tons of artists that are under-the-radar, especially if you don’t follow the genre that closely, bringing a whole new audience to some truly fantastic country music.

Lainey also gave a special performance of her song “Rolling Stone”, and it’s well-worth a watch:

And, make sure you check out our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, updated in real time, every Sunday night.


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