The Panhandlers’ 2020 Self-Titled Album Shoots Up The Charts After Feature On Yellowstone Season 4

The Panhandlers country music

Yellowstone for the win.

We’ve said it over and over and over again, but the musical selections on Paramount Network’s hit series Yellowstone are ELITE.

Of course Ryan Bingham stars in the show, but his music is featured heavily, as is the music of artists like Colter Wall, Whiskey Myers (who also appeared in an episode), Shane Smith & The Saints, Blackberry Smoke, Tyler Childers and more.

Series creator Taylor Sheridan, and music supervisor Andrea von Foerster, have showcased artists that deserve the spotlight, but due to their independent nature, don’t often get the opportunities or placements that major label, more mainstream artists might get.

And those benefits are not to be underestimated.

We saw Whiskey Myers fly to the top of the charts after they were featured back in Season 1. More recently, we saw Shane Smith and the Saints climb the iTunes country charts when they were featured earlier this season, and now, The Panhandlers debut, self-titled album is sitting at #5 on the iTunes Top 100 Country Albums.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, The Panhandlers are a West Texas supergroup composed of Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero, and John Baumann.

Written by Charlie Stout, the song “West Texas In My Eye” was featured on the most recent episode of Yellowstone… Season 4, Episode 6.

One of the best tracks, on one of the best country albums in recent memory, it’s a well deserved win for these fellas from West Texas.

I mean, what can you say… when you put a group together that consists of the caliber of Josh, William Clark, Cleto, and John, people are gonna listen.

You gotta appreciate Yellowstone for opening the door.

If you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete all through the first three episodes of Season 4, then look no further.

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