Joe Burrow’s Secret To Avoding COVID Issues… There’s Nothing To Do In Cincinnati

Joe Burrow

With the current state the NFL is in right now, you should consider yourself lucky if you’re team hasn’t been hit hard with COVID issues over the past few weeks.

There are some teams that have been hit so hard, that they’ve had to reschedule.

For example, both the Eagles/Washington Football Team, and the Rams/Seahawks games had to be reschedule to last night, as the teams had so many out with COVID they could barely field a team.

And one of those teams that have been really fortunate to miss the COVID bug so far?

The Cincinnati Bengals.

One may wonder, “how is this even possible?”

Well, starting quarterback Joe Burrow knows the secret…

According to, the reason the team has been fortunate with the COVID situation, is because there is absolutely nothing to do in Cincinnati.


I mean, he probably ain’t wrong. Ohio gets a bad wrap for being one of more boring states in the country, but then again, he has the right to say it because not only does he play there, he’s from there.

He told reporters:

“We’re a healthy team, which not a lot of people  can say this far into the season. We’ve been lucky as far as injuries and COVID.

We’re doing a great job with out COVID protocols. Fortunately, there’s not a ton to do in Cincinnati… so nobody’s going out to clubs and bars and getting COVID every weekend.”

The dude is a legend.

Needless to say, he drew a multitude of responses from the statement. He could be getting some mixed responses the next time he runs onto the field in Cincy:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock