Kid Rock Releases New Song “Ala-F*ckin-Bama” Ahead Of College Football Playoff

Well, this is something…

We all know Kid Rock’s ode to the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit, “Sweet Home Alabama.” But after the release of his latest single, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live,” I think we all thought the ship had sailed on his more country/southern rock tunes, and he was headed back to the rap/rock style that made him famous.

You know, the tunes that are bumping in every meth lab in America (no disrespect, I love some “Bawitdaba”).

But with the College football Playoff around the corner, ol’ Bob decided to put together a little “Roll Tide” tailgate anthem for his friends down in Alabama (even though he’s from Michigan).

Titled… wait for it… “Ala-Fuckin-Bama.”

“Here is a song I cut for my Bama peeps and those who like to rock in general! We thought it was timely to release it before the big game. Def some tailgate music for those who don’t mind a few F bombs!

Much more music, of all different styles, to follow next year! Roll Tide and Merry Christmas.”

Here’s a look at the opening lines:

She wore a pink Bama durag
Smacking on juicy fruit
A red clay sticking to her Timberland boots
A tail white t-shirt showing off her Talladega tan…”

And the rest of the song is basically Kid Rock saying “I’m from ALA-FUCKIN-BAMA” over and over again.

Listen at your own risk…

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