Weird Al Yankovic Takes A Shot At Kid Rock’s Latest Video: “That’s Not Me, That’s Actually Kid Rock”

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Welp, incase you missed it… Kid Rock released one of the most iconic music videos I’ve ever seen…

For all of the wrong reasons.

If you aren’t too familiar with modern-day Kid Rock, besides maybe his big hit pop songs like “All Summer Long” and “Picture” with Sheryl Crow, his music tends remind you of something they’d be playing at a meth lab in your local trailer park.

And much like a low-budget meth lab, his latest song titled “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” has exploded on Twitter.

A big middle finger to cancel culture, woke snowflakes, and the upcoming “generation of pussies,” Kid Rock doesn’t mince words on the direction this country is headed. And much like his early tunes from his Devil Without A Cause era, it’s more of the rap/rock sound that has come to define the Kid Rock style.

It’s definitely no “Bawitdaba” though…

Weird Al Yankovic even chimed in, taking a shot at the new song and video, to clear up an confusion that this might just be an atrocious parody.

Incase Weird Al was a little before your time, the man was notorious in the early 2000s for making hilarious, and terrible parodies of hit songs. We’re talking “Amish Paradise” (“Gangsta’s Paradise” parody), “White & Nerdy” (“Ridin’ Dirty” parody), and so many others.

Personally, I think ol’ Bob probably should’ve hung it up after “Picture” and lived in the shadow of that ’til the end of time.

But hey, that’s just me…


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