Tiger And Charlie Woods Rattle Off 11 Straight Birdies, Finish 2nd At PNC Championship

Tiger woods
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Tiger Woods holds the record for the most ever PGA Tour tournament wins of all time with 82.

Now, he can add another accomplishment to the record books, and his son Charlie can add his first one as well.

Tiger and Charlie competed in the PNC Championship, a tournament where a PGA pro gets to play with a family member.

Many were wondering how the two would fare in this event, as it was Tiger’s first tournament since his awful car wreck back in February, where he severely fractured his right leg.

Needless to say, the man ain’t missing a beat, and Charlie hasn’t either.

The duo finished in second place, behind John Daly and his son John Jr. (two legends in their own right).

However, that wasn’t the highlight of the day.

Tiger and Charlie rattled off 11 straight birdies today, spanning from hole seven to hole 17, for the PNC Championship record for most birdies in a row.

The two shot 62 yesterday, with a blistering 57 today.

Tiger had a lot to say about the round after an interview with ESPN:

“We got on a nice heater; Charlie was hitting the ball unbelievable. It (winning) would have had a special meaning in my heart for sure, there’s no doubt about that. And it still does.

The fact that I’m able to have this opportunity this year, even a couple weeks ago we didn’t really know whether or not I would be doing this, but here we are.

And we had just the best time ever, and I just wish I could have walked down the fairways with him and been side by side with him the entire time like we were last year.”

Pretty damn impressive that the guy is able to get back to almost full speed, considering the significant injuries he’s faced over the years.

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