Michigan State Names Oxford High Hero Tate Myre An Honorary “Spartan Dawg,” In Their 2022 Recruiting Class

Tate Myre

Classy move.

After the horrible school shooting at Oxford High School where four students lost their lives, the heroism that one of the fallen victims displayed continues to live on.

Tate Myre, a star football player for Oxford, made an effort to disarm the shooter before he tragically lost his life.

Talk about some serious guts for a teenager who was in the scariest position imaginable. And yet, with a promising future, he risked his life to save his fellow students… the definition of bravery, heroism, and courage.

Since the tragedy, we’ve seen a petition to change Oxford High’s football stadium name in honor of Myre, Michigan wear a Maize O patch with Myre’s number, along with four hearts to represent each victim, and Detroit Lions safety Jalen Elliott repped a jersey with Myre’s name on the back.

Also, the Lions one their first game after the tragedy, and head coach Dan Campbell donated the game ball to the school.

And in the latest act or respect, according to TMZ, Michigan State named Tate Myre to the 2022 recruiting class on signing day today.

Head coach Mel Tucker said in announcement video:

“We are honored to recognize Tate Myre as the first Spartan Dawg of the 2022 class.

A Spartan Dawg is defined not by the plays they make on the field, but by the character they exemplify, the leadership they bring to their team and their community, and for extraordinary individuals like Tate Myre, their heroism.”

Myre was apparently a big time Michigan State fan, and always dreamed of playing for the Spartans one day.

Tucker continued:

“He had a passion to one day play for Michigan State. This passion was paired with unstoppable drive and follow-through to get there.

Tate’s consistency on and off the football field elevated everyone who knew him. Tate is, and always will be, a Spartan Dawg.”

He also added that Michigan State will continue to support the four families who lost their loved ones in the shooting.

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