Michigan Honors Oxford High School Hero Tate Myre With “TM42” Patch, Score 42 Points In The Big Ten Championship

Tate Myre Honor Michigan Big ten
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

By now, many of us are familiar with the tragic, yet heroic, story of Tate Myre, the Oxford High School football player who attempted to disarm a school shooter, and was shot and killed in the process.

Last night, the Michigan Wolverines squared off against the Iowa Hawkeyes for the Big Ten Championship game, and with Tate’s family being huge Michigan fans, head coach Jim Harbaugh knew that they had to pay their respects to the fallen hero.

Michigan invited the Myre family to the coin toss, and was announced to the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

They also wore a commemorative patch that was stitched to the right shoulder of their jerseys, which was a maize-colored block O for Oxford High, as well as Myre’s jersey number and four hearts to honor all four of those who lost their life in the horrible shooting.

However, that wasn’t the only way the Wolverines honored Tate, coincidence or not.

On the Oxford football team, Myre wore number 42, and ironically enough, the Wolverines defeated Iowa by a score of 42-3.

In all honesty, it was probably a coincidence, but there was no doubt that the young man was in the back of the minds of every Michigan football player and coach.

Jim Harbaugh told the Detroit Free Press:

“We wanted to honor Tate Myre in this game. For his courage and what he did in the shootings in Oxford. He’s a hero.”

RIP Tate.

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