Brian Kelly Shows Off His Cringey Dance Moves To Garth Brooks After LSU Lands 5-Star QB Walker Howard

Brian Kelly

I’ll never be able to un-see this…

We’re just two weeks into the Brian Kelly era at LSU, and it’s been a wild ride already… to say the least.

When Kelly was first hired, many wondered if he could handle the spicy Bayou culture Baton Rouge has to offer, and judging from his time at Notre Dame, he isn’t even close.

However, he’s trying his hardest…

And it’s cringey as all hell.

Remember, Kelly is a Massachusetts native, but the second the plane landed, he developed a bizarre southern accent the first night he got to speak with fans during halftime at an LSU basketball game.

And it gets worse.

LSU just landed a big time commitment from five-star quarterback Walker Howard, an in-state player who played his high school ball at St. Thomas Moore in Lafayette, Louisiana.

LSU then released a commitment video, showing Howard and Kelly standing back to back on a pedestal as it rotates 360 degrees.

As Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge” plays in the background, you see Kelly begin to show off the most God-awful dance moves you’ll probably ever see. We’re talking PEAK drunk dad at a wedding kind of moves.


I’ll give the guy some props, he seems like he’s really is trying… just maybe leave the dancing at home if you’re gonna keep trying to land big time commits?

We’re getting BIG TIME Windows 95 vibes…

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