Twitter Roasts The Hell Out Of Brian Kelly After He Seemingly Developed A Southern Accent Overnight

Brian Kelly lSU

You know that term “fake it ’til you make it?”

Yeah, it looks like Brian Kelly is taking that term to a whole new level.

The new LSU football coach gave the fans a welcome speech at LSU’s basketball arena on Wednesday night during halftime of the Ohio/LSU game, and there appeared to be something a little different about the guy…

I don’t know if he tried Lil’ Bebe’s gumbo for the first time down in the Bayou or what, but from the video, it sounds like the guy is trying his damndest to talk in a southern accent.

I mean c’mon man, you’re a Massachusetts native who’s been a career coach up north your whole life, don’t be trying to hide it.

He hasn’t even been in Baton Rouge for a week, and before we know it the man is gonna be wearing overalls to practice like farmer Fran on The Waterboy.

Anyways, just when we thought the guy hadn’t taken enough shit for bailing on his team at Notre Dame, and telling them goodbye in a 3-minute speech at 7AM, Twitter explodes again:

Here’s the whole speech:

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