Joe Buck Roasts The Hell Out Of Peyton Manning On Monday Night Football

Peyton Manning Joe Buck

As sports fans, we can all agree on one thing…

Joe Buck is awful. I mean, the guys is EVERYWHERE, and during any given broadcast, whether it’s baseball or football, you’re bound to see his name trending on Twitter with comments ranging from “Fuck Joe Buck,” all the way to “I want to shove forks in my eyeballs every time I see his face on my television.”

The man has been known to show favoritism to certain teams, his lack of knowledge in certain aspects of sports is telling, and not to mention, he’s the least exciting announcer to ever step foot in a sports booth.

And just to think that Jeopardy actually considered him to be the next host to replace the great Alex Trebek.


Needless to say, people like to poke fun at Buck whenever they get the chance to, especially Peyton Manning.

Earlier this year on Peyton and Eli’s amazing ManningCast for Monday Night Football, Peyton made a joke about Buck having no knowledge of defensive coverages.

He said:

“I don’t like having a co-host that knows as much as I do about coverage, I need a co-host that knows nothing about defensive coverages, like Joe Buck.

Troy doesn’t make mistakes very often, but when he does, Joe doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to coverage.”

But last night, when the ManningCast featured none other Joe Buck himself, he finally got his chance to come back at Peyton.

When the brothers asked him if he could interview one guest during a fourth quarter blowout, he had it locked and loaded:

“Yeah… I know the last time I thought about that was when you guys played Seattle in the Super Bowl.”


If ya don’t know, the Seahawks beat Manning’s Broncos by a staggering score of 43-8 in the Super Bowl back in 2014.

As much as I can’t stand Joe Buck, credit where credit is due… that was savage.

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