Joe Buck Is Joining The Manningcast On Monday Night Football… And Twitter Is HATING It

Eli Manning, Joe Buck Peyton Manning
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Nothing brings the world together like universal hatred for sportscaster Joe Buck.

A host of Thursday Night Football himself, Joe is joining Peyton and Eli for the 4th quarter of the Manningcast tonight on Monday Night Football, as the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots face off for the division lead in the AFC East.

But shocker… the internet is not loving it. Hating it, actually… with the fire of a thousand burning suns.

I mean, the guy is fucking EVERYWHERE…

I’m watching the Manningcast on Mondays to get away from bozos like Buck and you bring him on the show? In the 4th quarter? Come on man… read the room.

With the strength of the Manning Curse, I can totally understand why no active players want to join the show, but Joe Buck? That’s the best we can do, huh?

And I’m not alone…

See… it ain’t just me.

Buck joins television late night legend David Letterman in the 2nd quarter, and former NFL corner Aqib Talib who will be on for the 3rd.

For real though…

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