Notre Dame Introduces Marcus Freeman As The New Head Coach, And The Team Goes WILD

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Brian Kelly who?

Now that the smoke has cleared after Brian Kelly’s abrupt departure of from Notre Dame… for a bag of money at LSU… the Fighting Irish have officially announced their new head coach…

Former defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman.

And the players are HYPED.

Strength and conditioning coach Matt Balis delivered a badass introduction speech, and let me tell ya, it’ll have you wanting to run through a brick wall… and then run through another one.

“I’m extremely proud of you guys, for your ability to focus and your ability to lock in all week long this week. Okay?

It was awesome, and it was awesome to be apart of, it really shows us who you really are. Your DNA, your mental toughness, and your physical toughness.

The way you compete, the way you care about each other. Okay that’s what this team run is gonna be about. Competing, getting after it with mental and physical toughness, and being the best in the country at what we do.

Is everybody ready to do that? So, what I’m gonna do now, okay, so now your new football coach…”

*Enters Marcus Freeman and the room erupts*

He runs in and starts hugging and dapping up every single player, and they all huddle around him.

It’s pretty clear this team isn’t gonna let the Kelly distraction get to them. In fact, I’m starting to think they might be better of without him.

It’s still undecided if they’ll make it to the College Football Playoff, but right now, I think just about everybody is hoping that they do… we all want to watch this team go out there and drop a middle finger W to their former head coach.

Gotta love Matt Balis too…

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