Flaviar Spirits Club: The Perfect Christmas Gift For Whiskey Drinkers

Flaviar whiskey

Fall is here, Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is officially in view.

And while I still think it’s too damn early to be playing Christmas music (you gotta wait until December 1st), it’s never to early to get a little Christmas shopping done.

I mean, are you really gonna half ass it AGAIN this year?

Lucky for you, the good people at Flaviar are here to take all the guess work out of it, and help you treat your friends and family to a Christmas gift they really deserves.

What’s Flaviar?

Flaviar is the go-to place to discover and taste craft and premium spirits. From Whiskey and Bourbon and Scotch, to Rum, Gin, Cognac, and others, it gives you the experience of tasting high quality liquors from all over the world, without ever having to leave your house.

“Flaviar is a band of spirits enthusiasts, inspired by culture, rich history and the art of distillation. We forage the World of Spirits for the finest, rarest and most unique expressions out there and pack it all into a 21st century Members Club.”

When you gift someone a membership, depending on the type you select, they’ll receive a premium bottle of bourbon (or their liquor of choice) or a tasting box featuring three different sample bottles, perfectly curated to their tastes.

They’ll also get unlimited free shipping on any orders when they finds a bottle they like as well as VIP access to distilleries around the world.  You’ll also be able to attend free live tasting events, both in person and virtual, featuring experts, celebrities and fellow spirit enthusiasts, along with exclusive access to unreleased spirits, a generous referral program for friends, plus all the details and information including bios, tasting notes, and more for every single whiskey (or other spirit) you gets your hands on.

I mean, this will give you the most refined palate on the block, arguably the best collection on the block, and the title of best gift giver in the world.

Flaviar membership has a number of different options, perfect for every kind of budget.

And for Cyber Monday, you can get 15% OFF when you gift a membership.

Flaviar whiskey

What you get:

– Complimentary Premium bottle — in addition to the Tasting Box!
– Unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders
– Access to Flaviar-exclusive spirits
– Generous referral perks
– Exclusive live & virtual tasting events
– Vibrant community
– Members count! We constantly add perks and upgrade existing benefits based on Member feedback and experience.

How it works:

Choose your products: Decide whether to gift 2 products, 4 products, or 8 products delivered quarterly.
Add a personal message: Tell ’em how you feel.
Handwritten or digital: Create a personalized handwritten gift card or send a last minute digital card.
Customize delivery: Deliver the card yourself or have it shipped directly to their door or inbox.

It couldn’t be any easier.

Click the link below to get started, and you’ll be on your way to being their new favorite person.

Customize your Christmas gift HERE.

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