Yellowstone Season 4: Beth Dutton And Caroline Warner Go Toe-To-Toe

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Caroline (Jacki Weaver) are shaping up to be the best matchup on  Yellowstone this season.

From what I’ve seen so far, they’re cut from the same cloth, and now that Caroline is trying to get Beth on her side, it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a ride from here on out.

Of course, as the Dutton’s are slowly piecing together who tried to kill them and figuring out why exactly they would be motivated to do something that extreme, there are still others who want a chunk of the stunning Dutton ranch and are willing to do anything to get it.

During episode four of season four on Sunday, we saw Caroline and Beth sit down and talk about Caroline’s intentions in turning towns all over Montana into vacation destinations:

“I’m very different from the old boss, Beth. I came up at a time when the corporate ladder was greased to keep woman off it. I climbed it anyway. Stepping over some little bitch like you on every rung. The big dog is off the porch now, Beth.

And I will tear you to fucking pieces. Starting with an SEC investigation into you for market manipulation and insider trading. You want to fight? Let me introduce you to the fight of your fucking life. That’s behind door number one.

Behind door number two is common ground. You put together a land trust for Schwartz and Meyer.”

Sounds a lot like something Beth would say to me… and of course, it’s clear that Caroline wants the badass lady that Beth Dutton is on her team before things get too ugly. Caroline’s a smart lady, too.

Obviously, though, Beth isn’t having any of it, as she tells Caroline the land is not for sale, to which Caroline replies:

“That should be your families motto. Jamie leased us what he could’ve sold and made the ranch a hundred times more than the lease fee.

It’ll be 50 years before the ranch recoups that money. Stubbornness is not a business strategy, Beth. It’s how you lose the ranch altogether. You’re smart enough to know that.”

But, Beth is as loyal as humanly possibly when it comes to supporting her dad and his dream that Yellowstone can continue to evolve and make money as a family ranch for generations to come:

“Oh, I know it. And if we still own it by the time my father dies, you’re my first call. But in the meantime his dream is my Alamo, and I will die on the fucking wall defending it.”

After Caroline makes her a pretty sweet offer to come work for Market Equities, Beth makes it very clear that they shouldn’t trust her when it comes to business, because her sole interest is protecting the ranch for her father:

“You apply logic to your decisions with no emotion, I respect that.

But asking a wolf to protect the sheep, that is a mistake. And you are smart enough to know that.”

Really, all Caroline wants out of it is a dozen money-making resort towns sprinkled all across Montana, and she’s clearly going to stop at nothing to get that, either.

And, to ensure that they understand her position to the fullest extent, Beth makes ’em an offer they could never accept:

“You have controlling interest of Schwartz & Meyer now, right? That’s my price. I want your piece. You give me that, I’m yours.

I’m gonna bankrupt him first. I want his fucking grandchildren on welfare. You break your word to me, lady, I’ll do the same to you. You have my number.”

Seeing how that meeting ends, I think this is just the beginning of what we’ll see from Beth and Caroline on the rest of the season… I can’t wait for it, either. They’re both forces to be reckoned with:

“I think she can make Montana the fastest growing state in the nation. Behind every milestone of human history stands a monster.

And that’s our monster.”

And if you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete all through the first three episodes of Season 4, then look no further.

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