Yellowstone Season 4: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 4 – “Winning Or Learning”

Mondays suck lately… mainly because that means we have to wait another week before we get new episodes of Yellowstone.

However, we’re still blessed with the fantastic “Behind the Story” series, recapping everything that happened on the previous episode.

The latest one, titled “Winning or Learning,” features Luke Grimes (Kayce) discussing what he has to do to keep his family together, and heal them from everything they have experienced together.

“To heal his family, he decides to leave the ranch again.”

Kevin Costner (John Dutton) adds:

“John Dutton understands how much he wants his family around, but he also understands the dynamics of being here.

John is holding on to the five generations of Duttons never leaving… where she feels comfortable is where she needs to go.”

Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) then discusses the beef between him and Walker:

“It’s not about the woman, she wanted to go from my bed to his bed that’s fine, it wasn’t no big deal. But it’s the way he handled it.”

Hassie Harrison (Laramie) then added how complicated the situation was, and Costner talks about how John knew having girls in the bunkhouse would be a problem.

They then show the brutal fight between Lloyd and Walker.

The episode then flips to Caroline’s intentions behind what she wants to do with the town, and how she wants to turn it into a resort town, resulting in tension between her and Beth.

Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), says:

“You don’t expect the biggest challenge she’s faced to be a delicate woman, but she’s fierce. Probably just as fierce as Beth.”

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock