Well, I Guess Cranberry & Pickle Pie Is A Thing This Thanksgiving…

pickle pie

Every year they come out with a state-by-state chart featuring everybody’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and every year there’s always some state coming out of left field with the most bizarre selections imaginable.

Looking at you Indiana…

I mean, you’re really gonna tell me with a straight face that deviled eggs are your favorite Thanksgiving side? Fuck outta my face with that.

And Maine… side salad? Y’all got lobsters up there and you say side salad? There’s clearly a glitch in the data collection…

But perhaps the most bizarre Thanksgiving side dish I’ve ever heard of comes to us from the great state of Utah. Known for their beautiful ski resorts, state parks, their shitload of Mormons, and the extremely low ABV in their overpriced beers, Utah is also know for… pickle cranberry pie… apparently.

According to Fox News Utah, cranberry and pickle pie will be making the rounds in Utah this Thanksgiving, although the hosts don’t seem to keen on it.

Would you try it?

Apparently, just a regular ol’ pickle pie is pretty famous in Utah too…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock