Texas Youth Football Team Banned From Playoffs Because They’re “Too Good”

A football game in progress

Looks like we have the winner for softest football coach of the year…

One of the worst parts about youth sports, honestly… nine times out of 10, are the parents.

Whether it’s one parent getting mad because little Jimmy isn’t getting playing time, or arguing with officials over bad calls, or even bitchin’ because one of the teams in the league is “too good.”

And our latest example of of parents complaining about a team being “too good,” comes out of a North Texas little league football association.

According to the NBC Dallas Fort Worth, parents are up in arms about the Flower Mound Rebels, a group of seven to eight-year-old football players who are 7-0 and obliterating every team they face, outscoring their opponents 199-6.

In fact, they’re “so good,” that the Keller Youth Association has banned them from the playoffs this year.

And ironically enough, the individual who helped make the decision is Keller Youth Association VP Rhett Taylor, who also is a coach and parent of a player in the league.

Not to mention, the Rebels beat his team 33-0 this season…

Yeah, you an already see where this is going.

Taylor said:

“This is the Keller League, not the Flower Mound league. In my mind, they’ve dominated our league. My team got one first down all game, and my team is good.”

Ragan Montero, coach of the Rebels, responded to the situation as you would expect she would:

He’s a sore loser. That’s all it comes down to. He’s changing the rules so it benefits him.

I don’t think we can be too good. He wants to play with us but he doesn’t want us to be good.

I’m not really sure what that teaches the kids. Hey, you try your hardest but sorry, you won’t get the end result you want?”

Taylor then continued:

“They are too good. I fully admit it, absolutely. They are a select-level team. They are too good for a rec-level team.”

Way to go Rhett, ya just ruined a bunch of seven-eight-year-olds chances of experiencing a championship because you’re scared.

I think Ed Orgeron would say something about a fishing hole down in the bayou for guys like you.

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