Beth Dutton Shares Some Honest, But Important, Life Advice In Yellowstone’s New “Beth’s Universal Truths” Video

Yes, there are some great looking men on Yellowstone, but really, no other character can hold a candle to the badass that is Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

And now that Carter (Finn Little) has joined the show and Beth has taken him under her wing, I have a feeling we’re gonna get to see a totally new side of her. Actually, we already have.

During episode three of season four of the show this past weekend, Beth dolled out some harsh, and quite honestly, fantastic, life advice to Carter in only a way she can.

In the new “Beth’s Universal Truths” video, which highlights the advice she gave to Carter, you see him and Beth riding in the car after their unpleasant experience when Beth tries to take him to buy some new clothes for the ranch.

He decides he wants a shirt instead of the hat and boots she told him they were looking for, and after things get heated between them, some random mom starts filming them (like an asshole) and threatens to call security.

Needless to say, they leave the store with nothing, and it leads to a pretty heartfelt, meaningful conversation on the ride home after Carter apologizes.

And, Beth puts him right back in his place:

“You know what you did wrong. We didn’t have a bargain, kid, okay. It was a gift.”

Then, she hits him with some pretty damn honest, but important, advice about how to get everything he wants in life:

“Look, I’m gonna tell you something. And it is a universal truth. Doesn’t matter where you live, man or woman. It is as true today as it was a thousand fuckin’ years ago.

Do you want nice things? You want the best? There is only four ways to get rich kid. Four. That’s it.

One. Inherit it. That ain’t happenin’ for you.

Two. You steal it. You do not have, my friend, the patience, the power, or quite honestly, the intellect to steal anything of substance and keep it.”

And, of course, the most fool proof, important way to achieve whatever it is you want:

“So, three. Work really, really fuckin’ hard, okay? You learn, you fail, learn more, fail more. And don’t let anyone outwork you. Ever.”

She’s right about that one.

And of course, Carter wanted to know what the fourth way is:

“Learn how to suck a dick like you lost your car keys in it.”

I think I spit all the wine I had in my mouth out when she hit him with tip number four… Beth Dutton is one of a kind:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock