Cole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler, Posts Shirtless Photo In A Horse Trough And The Ladies Went WILD

Cole Hauser Rip Wheeler Yellowstone

If ya haven’t noticed, we’re just a little bit excited for the premiere of Yellowstone Season 4 around here.

After waiting what feels like forever for the new season, this Sunday, we’ll finally start to figure out what went down after the wild ending of Season 3.

And Cole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler, was recently interviewed by Cowboys & Indians to chat about the upcoming season.

For obvious reasons, it wasn’t the interview that has fans all excited to see their favorite Yellowstone cowboy back on the TV screen in just a few days… It’s because the photographer, Emerson Miller, really outdid himself with the photos for the spread.

When I say I’m personally a tiny bit partial to Kayce Dutton, I mean the margin is SLIM. I would not be one bit upset if Rip Wheeler offered to buy me a drink:

“Coming to get ya in 4 more days Yellowstone Season 4! Pic by Emerson Miller.”

Naturally, the comments section ran absolutely wild, with ladies shooting their best shot at Cole with some of the thirstiest comments I’ve ever seen. And let’s be honest, with that picture and caption, he was asking for it.

I thought country music stars had comments sections akin to the Wild West, but compared to Rip, it ain’t nothin’.

Aside from all the girls tagging their friends, or just commenting fire emoji’s and heart eyes, let’s look at some of the best:

“Let’s break the internet today, why not?” — A comment from the photographer Emerson Miller.

“Alright, Rip.” — A comment from Kevin Costner’s band account, to which Emerson replied, “You are next”. I think I could get on board with that.

“God is so good.”

“Rrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh…..that’s me purring…”

“Oh man I’m so ready come get me.”

“What are you trying to do to me, sir.”

“Holy hell! Let me wipe up the drool…”

“Just died and went to heaven.”


“Well if you’re coming like that.”

“Looks like someone needs a good scrubbin.”

“Rip, my wife is on this app. You’re killing me.”

“I can literally hear all the panties dropping from this post lol.”

“I need a bath.”

“Listen, I open my Instagram app up during school pick up line. I audibly gasped. My kindergartner thought mama was having a heart attack.”

“Sweet Mary Mother of God.”

“I’ve never wanted to get in a horse trough so bad in my life.”

“My uterus definitely just went from retired to fully awake.”

“In the words of Rip, ‘F*** it’.”

“How am I supposed to control myself after seeing this picture?”

“I cannot see this right after I finish my devotions!!!”

“My ovaries just did a cartwheel. Holy smoke show!!”

“What the actual fuck.”

“He’s trying to make all of us in our office jobs lose our mind… ‘GINI… why are you having a stroke…'”

I think this comment takes the cake, though…

“First, I’d like to get you naked. And then I’m gonna take some Saran Wrap and I’m gonna wrap you up in it, head to toe. Then I’m gonna cut two holes. One for your mouth, so you can breathe, obviously. And the other one…”


And believe me, there’s plenty more where all of that came from. If you’re bored today or need a good laugh, just take a quick 5-minute scroll through the comments section for yourself.

In the meantime, check out some more of Emerson Miller’s work… you’re welcome ladies.

Luke Grimes, AKA Kayce Dutton:

Ian Bohen, AKA Ryan

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock