Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Jimmy Breaks Down His Most Painful Moments

Jimmy Hurdstrom

Episode three of season four of Yellowstone featured more great music, insight into who helped execute the attack on the Dutton’s at the end of last season, in addition to setting up Jimmy’s departure from the Dutton ranch that will be featured on the upcoming Yellowstone 6666 Ranch spinoff.

And today, they put out “Stories from the Bunkhouse (Ep. 23)”, with some of the stars of the bunkhouse.

Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ian Bohen (Ryan), and Denim Richards (Colby) talk about Finn Little’s character, Carter, and how mature he is as an actor, give him a little advice on life in the bunkhouse, and debate whether or not Rip would actually give him the Yellowstone brand (meaning he belongs to the Yellowstone ranch forever, basically).

They also talk about whether or not Jimmy gets ragged on so much out of love, or if it’s really because they actually do find him annoying, as well as talking about the Texas cowboys who stopped by the ranch with performance horses that are the best in the world, all of which go for a cool $300,000 plus.

But, the best part is when Jefferson breaks down all the time’s that Jimmy has been broken down… and if you’ve watching the show from the very beginning, especially this season, you know that’s a lot.

Here’s his take on some of the most painful moments of his life on the show, both physically and emotionally:

“We start out with the taser. The first time we meet Jimmy, boom, taser. Fifteen minutes later, boom, brand. A little bit after that, Rip kicked me in the butt.

That’s about half way into the first episode of the show so far. I got bear sprayed. In between here and here, I fell off about 15 horses.”

Yeah, he got off to a really rocky start with Rip. But, as we saw on this past episode, Jimmy is now dealing with a broken heart having to leave Mia, which Ian brings up during the rankings:

“This is my most favorite, because it will really give us some insight into you. The pain that only a man can know is a broken heart. Mia.”

Then, Jefferson lists off all the other heartbreaks he had prior to Mia:

“Don’t forget Avery leaving before Mia left. Don’t forget my grandfather being killed. So broken heart, of course, but you have a broken back, pelvis, arm, weenie.”

In addition to being punched in the face countless time throughout all the seasons, he had some stuff pretty low, like getting sprayed with bear spray, that I thought would’ve been a hell of a lot higher on the pain scale:

“So, punched in the face, that’s least, right? That’s like a one. Actually, okay, butt kick ties for number one.

While it was humiliating, while it has a sort of component of humiliation, not quite as painful.

Bear spray probably better than the taser, so we’ll go number two there. Taser maybe number three. Fall off, we’re gonna say that’s four through seven maybe.

Brand I think is like eight.”

And again, Ian brings up another heartbreaking moment Jimmy had on the show during the most recent episode:

“Here’s one that’s not listed on here, I’m quite certain that it’s number one. The pain of disappointing John Dutton.”

And Jefferson agrees, saying:

“Disappointing JD, for a lot of people, that’s a fatal injury.”

But also, apparently, there’s a lady on YouTube who is unimpressed with his pearly (not so) white’s this season:

“What about that lady on YouTube who said that my teeth have been getting yellower every season.

Yellow teeth, shame, circle, circle, circle.

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