Yellowstone Season 4: Go Behind The Scenes Of The Episode 2 – “Phantom Pain”

As expected, the opening to season four of Yellowstone was absolutely bonkers.

Two episode back to back, two and a half hours of non-stop, heart-pounding action, and now, we’re breaking it all down the cast of the show.

We already saw the cast dive deep on Episode 1, “Half The Money,” and now, we’re ready to go behind the scenes of Episode 2, “Phantom Pain.”

SPOILER ALERT… if you haven’t watched the Season 4 premiere yet… you might wanna turn back.

Here’s the brand new Season 4 teaser just in case…

Poor Jimmy, the man just can’t catch a break when it comes to riding horses.

Honestly, it feels like the man’s fallen off a horse 47 times throughout the entire existence of Yellowstone.

So naturally, we find out the extent of his injuries after he fell off a bucking horse (which he told John he wouldn’t do anymore), at the end of Season 3. Actor Jefferson White (Jimmy) got a chance to explain his perspective of the accident.

He kicks things off by saying that he doesn’t have much in the world at that point, but he still has Mia there to comfort him through his recovery.

Edin Brolin (Mia) explained the accident from Mia’s perspective:

“Jimmy working so hard to get back into a healthy state, makes her want to work hard to be by his side.”

White then explained:

“Jimmy spent the first three seasons building a life for himself at the Yellowstone. He gets back on that horse, and that whole world he had built for himself just collapses.”

Kevin Costner (John) then joined:

“He takes a big risk with it, going back and almost losing his life. You take a chance when you rodeo that you could lose your job if you get hurt. If you get hurt too much, and take too much time off, you’re not what you call a good employee.

He (John) elects to give Jimmy a last chance to go away. Sometimes you gotta go away to learn something.”

Costner, Cole Hauser (Rip), and Jen Landon (Teeter) then discuss how interesting it is working with Travis, and how he keeps the show lighthearted at times.

Kelly Reilly (Beth) also discusses how it was working with Finn Little (Carter):

“Probably one of my favorite characters, is a new character, and him and Beth meet outside the hospital.

She meets this kid, played by this extraordinary actor Finn Little, they have this conversation about their dads dying. And it’s an odd, weirdly beautiful scene. Before you know it, Beth goes with him, and is in the room with him, and he says goodbye to his dad.

It’s just this fated moment where these two people who were alone in the world, meet.

And suddenly she tries to take on what it feels like to look after somebody, and I just found that so moving that she would even allow that thought in. When you think of Beth you think that she’s so hard and tough and strong, yet at the same time we kind of get those moments of deep feeling, and deep devotion and love and passion.”

Finn then adds:

“She sort of feels sorry for him. She feels like she has to take me in and help me, because I’ve got no chance.”

They also discuss the relics found on the premise of Yellowstone ranch, which definitely seem to play an important role in the rest of the season.

Stay tuned…

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