Get Nostalgic With Miranda Lambert’s “Automatic”

Happy 37th Birthday to a complete badass of a person.

Miranda Lambert has been near the top of the country music world for quite awhile now, but somehow her career has seemed to kick into overdrive over the past year or so. Between The Marfa Tapes, her insanely successful Wildcard album and being inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, she’s been on a wild ride that shows no signs of stopping.

But when things get crazy, even if it’s good crazy, it’s nice to stop and smell the roses for a little bit, maybe look back and think about where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

And there is no better song to help with that than “Automatic”.

Written by Miranda, Nicolle Galyon and Natalie Hemby, the biggest solo hit from her Platinum selling 2014 album Platinum (pretty iconic to name an album after a high standard for music sales and then hit the mark) won Song of the Year at the ACM’s and Single of the Year at the CMA’s, as well as received two Grammy nominations.

It was also the song that made me first realize that Miranda was way more than a artist who wasn’t afraid to tell a cheating man she’ll kill him, but an artist with the ability to go deep and hit on pieces of people’s inner being they were unaware of or had long forgotten about.

Just hearing some of the lyrics may be enough to help you remember the more raw times in your life and the lessons and wisdom that came with it.

“If we drove all the way to Dallas just to buy an Easter dress
We’d take along a Rand McNally, stand in line to pay for gas
God knows that shifting gears ain’t what it used to be
I learned to drive that 55 just like a queen, three on a tree.

Hey, whatever happened to waitin’ your turn
Doing it all by hand,
‘Cause when everything is handed to you
It’s only worth as much as the time put in
It all just seemed so good the way we had it
Back before everything became automatic.”

That’s some damn good stuff…

Happy Birthday, Miranda.

Here’s to many more and hopefully a new album soon…

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