Miranda Lambert Inducted Into The National Cowgirl Hall Of Fame

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Miranda Lambert is living up to her Texas cowgirl ways.

She was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame museum last night in Fort Worth, Texas, which was a huge moment in her life, as she said the accomplishment was in the top five things (and there’s a lot of them) that’s ever happened to her.

The nomination announcement was made almost a year ago in November of 2020, and they finally got to hold the in-person ceremony yesterday in her home state.

Miranda’s admittedly not a fan of the limelight if she’s not on stage with a guitar, but she gave an inspirational speech about how excited she was to receive this honor and what it means to her to be a cowgirl:

“If I had a guitar, I’d be just fine, but I gotta talk. I wrote some things down. I feel incredibly humbled, and like, kinda terrified, to be here today.

When I heard I was receiving the award, thank you Eleanor Green for nominating me, I know that you visited with mom about my life and what I stand for, and so I am beyond honored to be in this room.

When I found out I was gonna receive this award, I actually couldn’t believe it, because I am not a cowgirl. I didn’t think, anyway. I’m trying to learn to be. I got my first horse at 29 and am still trying to get my ass right in the saddle. Workin’ on it, and I bet I have a bunch of people here that can teach me.”

But, as she points out, being a cowgirl is about a whole lot more than just riding horses:

“But, I started reading about what it all means, you know, like, to be a cowgirl and drive and heart, and it’s women who lift up other women. It’s having respect for each other and for animals.

And it’s using any platform that you’re blessed to have for good. And it’s for fighting for what’s right, even when it means it’s the way harder way to do things.

I try to do everything in my life with that mentality. I try to do it with my whole heart and my dust off your boots and try again passion. And I have so much to learn, especially being in this room today, I realize just how far I have to go.

But I’m really proud of how far I’ve come to be standin’ here in this room. I want to say thank you again to Eleanor for nominating me and to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame museum.”

The four other nominees included Pop Chalee, Lari Dee Guy, Lavonna “Shorty” Koger and Kathryn Kusner.

Miranda was honored in part for her work with her foundation, MuttNation, which she founded in 2005 with her mom, Bev, to help shed a light on rescue dogs and animals. The charity has raised more than $4.5 million for the cause since its inception.

Of course, on top of her charitable work, she has her own clothing label, Idyllwind, a brand of wine called Red 55 Winery, and owns The Pink Pistol boutique in her hometown of Lindale, Texas.

In May of this year, she also became the first female artist to open her own bar on Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville called Casa Rosa.

Her induction into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame came right on time, too, as she just released a new single, “If I Was a Cowboy”, a couple weeks ago.

Most exciting of all, though, is that she told DFW5 she’s feeling more inspired than ever to lean into her Texan spirit and Western roots in the next phase of her music career:

“I love ‘If I Was Cowboy’ ‘cuz I got to use some of my favorite western slang, and I feel like it was kind of perfect timing when the stars aligned. Because the Cowgirl Hall of Fame being now and the single just launched.

I don’t know, I feel like maybe this next phase musically for me, and just in general in life, is using a little bit more of that cowgirl mentality, and like chasing things harder.

So I feel like this sets me up for a whole new… the next decade. I don’t even know what that’s gonna bring, but I’m excited about it.”

It’s hard to imagine how she could be doing more with everything she’s already accomplished and currently has going on, but I’m here for it.

She’s put out two separate collaborative records in just this year, The Marfa Tapes and Hell of a Holiday, as well as opened the aforementioned new bar. But, what sets her apart from a lot of other people in mainstream country music is exactly what she says right here:

“And you know, what it does for me is like, it reminds you of all the work you’ve done, number one. But it also like, lit a whole new fire.

‘Cuz I felt like watching all these amazing women and what they’ve accomplished, it just lit a whole new fire of like I need to be bolder and be bigger and set new goals, blaze new trails because possibilities are endless.”

In her aforementioned new song, she sings in the chorus, “If I was a cowboy, I’d be the queen”, and there’s just one problem with that…

She’s been one:

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