Emily Scott Robinson’s “Lightning In A Bottle” Is Today’s “Strawberry Wine”

Cal & Aly

Ladies and gentlemen, Emily Scott Robinson is something special.

She’s been a name on the fringes of my radar for over a year now.

Fun Fact: I actually heard about her initially from a really cool older couple I see at Open Mics, who saw her performing on a cruise a few years back, so shoutout to them.

However, until today I really hadn’t given more than a passing listen to her songs… that was a BIG mistake.

She just put out her third album last Friday, titled American Siren, and while I haven’t yet listened to the entire project, it’s evident from the few songs I heard on Whiskey Riff’s New Music Friday playlist that this lady is more than just another country artist.

Her song “Lightning In A Bottle” exemplifies that perfectly.

While not sonically similar, the song runs in the same vein of Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine.” The woman in the song is looking back on her 19th summer, remembering the magic in the love, the excitement in the newness and how good raw life feels.

And the songwriting is so good it’s not even worth me trying to describe, just read the first verse for yourself.

“The summer that I turned nineteen was a hundred shades of green
I just wanted to be seen
Heavy like the air before it rains, clean like grass and summer sage
I lost track of all the days
Warm like the sunshine on the pines, fresh tomatoes off the vine
Pickin’ peaches for the pie
Cold, like that first beer on my lips and those midnight skinny dips
Careful like your kiss.” 

If you need me, I’ll be listening to the rest of the record.

You have a new big fan in me, Ms. Robinson.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock