Ronnie Dunn, Jake Owen & Jake Worthington Are Craving Some Old-School Country With Latest ‘Hixtape’ Track, “Jonesin'”

Steven Martine

Jonesin’ for some ol’ George Jones.

Ronnie Dunn, Jake Owen and Jake Worthington dropped their latest release from Hardy’s upcoming Hixtape Vol. 2, and this one finds them in a honky tonk throwing some old-school country on the jukebox.

“Well, I’m jonesin’ for some Jones
Got a hankerin’ for some Hank
Gonna two step ‘cross the dance floor
With a little lightning in my drink
And I’m out here for a good time
Just tryin’ to find some love
I’m gonna keep this tractor rollin’
‘Til they kick me out the country club
Good Lord, I’m jonesin'”

Now that sounds like my kinda party.

This may be one of my favorite songs from the second Hixtape installment so far. But if you missed it, Larry Fleet and Jon Pardi also teamed up for a great one, a honky-tonk heartbreaker called “In Love With My Problems.”

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