Adele Reveals That Her Dream Duet Partner Would Be Chris Stapleton

Adele, Chris Stapleton country music

The duet we never knew we needed… except we totally did.

Let’s just cut straight to the facts… Chris Stapleton is arguably the most talented dude in the mainstream country music scene right now.

You’re not gonna find a more well-rounded, authentic, and talented singer/songwriter than ol’ Chris.

Also, we’ve seen the man collab with not only country singers, but rock bands like Metallica, the great Carlos Santana, and even pop singers like Justin Timberlake, and Kelly Clarkson.

Needless to say, there are several singers across every genre that would kill to sing a duet with the man.

And the latest singer who said they want to sing a duet with Stapleton is one that is MORE than worthy to step to the mic…

No other than one of the most talented singers on this planet, Adele.

She sat down with Vogue for their 73 Questions series, letting everybody know what she’s been up to nowadays.

That’s when she said her dream duet would be a collab with the famed country singer.

And much to her surprise, Stapleton responded to her Instagram post with the “side-eyes” emoji, and his wife Morgane even responded as well.

It’s no secret that Adele is a huge fan of Stapleton, as she’s covered some of his songs like “If It Hadn’t Been For Love.”

So… stay tuned. If this duet comes together, this one may go down in the history books.

Adele covering The Steeldrivers “If It Hadn’t Been For Love, which appeared as a bonus track on her 21 album.”

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