Alex Rodriguez Gets Heckled With Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Chants During ALCS Broadcast

Alex Rodriguez baseball

The new Mr. October….

Remember when Alex Rodriguez was the face of MLB baseball? Then the most hated player in MLB baseball?

And now, one of the biggest sad sacks in MLB baseball

The man has been down bad here lately, especially over the past seven months, dealing with his breakup to the unaging goddess that is Jennifer Lopez.

Remember when he posted that picture with him and his kids at the dinner table, leaving an extra open spot for ol’ J-Lo? OOF…

And now, everywhere he goes, he constantly gets trolled. Especially after he got hired to broadcast MLB games. You can’t even open up Twitter without seeing a few A-Rod roasts whenever he’s on TV.

But during last night’s game three FOX broadcast of the ALCS between the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox… the Red Sox fans went HARD.

During his broadcast, you can constantly hear Red Sox fans chant “J-Lo,” and also “Affleck,” referring to J-Lo’s rekindled relationship with actor Ben Affleck. Hell, he was even asked, “What’s your favorite Ben Affleck movie?”

It was so bad they muted the broadcast.

Tough scene, my guy…


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A beer bottle on a dock