Cody Jinks Is Out For Blood With Hard Charging New Single, “Hurt You”

Jason Deramo

Make no mistake, Cody Jinks is going to tell you how it is.

And that’s what makes him an extremely popular, Platinum-selling independent artist. He’s raw, authentic, it’s “what you see is what you get” songwriting that gets deep down into the hearts and souls of his passionate fans.

No bullshit.

We’re about a month away from the release of his country album Mercy (along with metal album None the Wiser), on November 12th, and we have yet another single to add to the arsenal.

And this one?

Titled “Hurt You,” it was written by Cody himself, along with his wife Rebecca, as well as longtime collaborators Ward Davis and Greg Jones.

And they’re pulling no punches.

I mean, you can feel the vengeance in the lyrics:

“I’m gonna hurt you like you’ve never hurt
I’m gonna drive your name in the dirt
You won the battle but I win the war
I’m gonna hurt you and hurt you
I’m gonna hurt you as much as I can
And watch you cry and die where you stand
I want to hear your tears hit the floor
I’m gonna hurt you
And hurt you some more.”

Intense? Absolutely, but that’s what we love about Jinks.

Could this one be about the music industry? The naysayers, the doubters, the two-faced snakes that think they’re hiding in plain sight?

Perhaps we’ll find out…

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