Cody Jinks Announces Upcoming Album ‘Mercy,’ Metal Album ‘None The Wiser’

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Cody Jinks has been a busy man lately, recording nearly 30 new songs down at the Sonic Ranch back in May.

And the result? An upcoming country album AND a metal album with his new band, Caned By Nod. According to Cody’s good friend and songwriting partner Ward Davis, the new metal album is a “fucking masterpiece,” but as far as the country record goes, mum has been the word.

Until now.

Sharing the news on Facebook, Cody revealed that his upcoming country album will be titled Mercy, and will be released this coming November.

A man playing a guitar


And in other Cody Jinks news, the aforementioned metal album from his band Caned By Nod also has a name.

Also due on in November, Caned By Nod will look to make its metal debut with a project titled, None The Wiser. And according to Cody, the first song is called “Middle Finger.”

Reminiscent of Cody’s 2019 double feature with After The Fire and The Wanting, it looks like we’re gonna get a double dose of Cody Jinks come November.

Two Jinks records AND the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone… is it November yet?

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