Cody Jinks Drops Brand New Track, “Dying Trying,” From Caned By Nod Metal Project

Alright, we’ve only gotten two songs from Cody Jinks’ metal band Caned By Nod, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this None The Wiser album is gonna be something serious.

We got “Middle Finger” back on August 30th, and today? We’ve got single number two, “Dying Trying.”

The singer weighed in on what it was like working on both projects at the same time:

“It was very different recording them at the same time. Literally, it was being in one studio and walking next door and going from this beautiful country song that we’re doing to just this really angry metal song, flipping a switch.

The actual art of writing was the only thing I really had to focus on to keep myself sane…the song comes first. If I’m not writing a great song, then I’m dead in the water. I really, really focused on being a better wordsmith.” 

It might be early, but I think Ward Davis was right… None The Wiser (due out on November 12th) could be a masterpiece.

“Dying Trying”

“Middle Finger”


1. Middle Finger
2. Dying Trying
3. None the Wiser
4. Seeing Ghosts
5. Covet
6. Led Astray
7. Half a Life
8. Can’t Hide the Truth
9. Broken Wings
10. Eyes

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