Former NFL Players Sound Off On “Bullsh*t” Youth Football Drill After Practice Video Goes Viral

A group of football players on a field

In case y’all missed it, a video went viral yesterday of a young football player who was partaking in a drill in practice…

And the drill?

Let everybody from the whole team come at you and knock the absolute sh*t outta you.

Complete BS drill, and as a coach conducting this drill, you’re just asking your players to get seriously injured… or at best, completely hate the sport.

I can already hear the boomers now.

“Back in my day, our coach made us do Oklahoma drills without pads or a helmet.

And then coach locked us in a cage with a live crocodile. This ain’t shit.”

Whatever the older generation wants to say, let ’em say it, because this ain’t football. This is borderline torture.

When the tweet went viral, it was great to see some former football players take a stand against this garbage.

I have no idea when this video was taken, but if it actually did happen recently, I’d like to say these coaches are turning in their resignation letters today… if they haven’t already.

Game over.

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