Buffalo Bills Dad Delivers Table Smash Gender Reveal

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I think Buffalo Bills fans may be the most blood thirsty, adrenaline crazed party animals the football world has ever seen.

Seriously, their tailgates are second to none…

It could be -4 degrees outside and pissin’ snow, and they would still be outside pregaming with no shirts on like it’s the end of the world.

They’re just built different.

We recently saw the heartwarming video of a young kid doing the iconic Bills Mafia “table smash,” after his last chemotherapy treatment, and now, we have another epic “table smash” celebration.

A couple found out that they were having a baby, and once the moment rolled around, they celebrated the best way a Bills fan knows how.

It’s obvious they’re die hard members of the Bills Mafia, as you can see the party bus sitting in the front yard, which I’m guessing is used for tailgates.

Next thing you know, the dad gets up on the hood of the bus, and goes full on Captain Insano, shoulder first into a table as it breaks in half.

And the results?

They’re having a boy (dad’s happy).

I can get behind this kind of gender reveal. Although the man might not be able to move his shoulder the next morning, at least it didn’t involve some kind of pyrotechnics that could start a damn forest fire, or shooting a gun near a school (like some idiots).

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