Gender Reveal Causes Schools To Lock Down After Dad Shoots A Gun Into The Air

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Why do so many gender reveals these days involve explosions or gunfire?

A gender reveal in Murfreesboro, Tennessee caused two Rutherford County schools to lock down when the expectant father stepped out into his backyard and fired some celebratory gunshots after finding out that he’s about to have a baby boy.

Apparently the parents were making a call to some out-of-town family members, and to celebrate the occasion, dad decided it was a good time to fire a few rounds into the air.

Well some neighbors heard the gunshots, followed by the mother screaming from excitement, and called the police, causing the schools to go into lockdown after (false) rumors of an active shooter in the area.

I just…I mean…why?

Look dude, I get you’re excited. Congratulations, it’s awesome.

But what the hell? Why would you fire a gun at 1:30 PM in a residential area? With schools nearby? I mean, get one of those confetti poppers or something. Or just post it on Facebook and rack up the likes and comments like normal people.

I just don’t get it. I mean at least there wasn’t anybody hurt this time (unlike a lot of gender reveals we see) but damn, that could have easily killed somebody. Not to mention all the panic that it caused.

Well now, not only is a little boy in his future, but he also has a court date to look forward to because the father-to-be has been charged with unlawful discharging of a firearm inside city limits.

Seriously folks, this is getting ridiculous. Can we not even reveal the gender of a baby these days without burning down a forest? Or breaking a rib?

I’m all for banning gender reveal parties all together, but if people insist on making a spectacle out of it, at least make it something entertaining – like this viral WWE gender reveal – and leave out the explosives and gunfire.

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