LeBron James Rips His High School QB: “If I Would’ve Had A Better QB… I Might’ve Continued To Play Football”

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There’s always that excuse from the old guys about why they didn’t make it to the NFL.

Ya know, the dude sitting at the bar the local Applebee’s with a tall Bud Light and a basket of onion rings, reminiscing on that fateful day his pro-football dreams were shot:

“I was 13-years-old, I got the ball on an end around, the cornerback went straight for my knees and BAM, torn ACL. I could never recover. I probably would’ve been All-State by senior year.”

However, when the guy who is making these kind of claims is NBA star LeBron James, dogging his high school QB on national TV, it’s a whole different level.

James went on Peyton and Eli Manning’s Monday Night Football show last night, and talked a little about his high school football career.

They showed a highlight from King James, and the first thing Peyton pointed out was how terrible the pass from the QB was.

James then responded:

“Listen I think if I would’ve had a better quarterback in high school, I might have continued to play football… but I took way too many hits that led me to the basketball court.”


I mean, to hear that LeBron threw somebody under the bus… you want to see my shocked face?

But, can you imagine that quarterback right now? Just trying to watch a little Monday Night Football and now he’s getting riddled with texts from his old teammates, about LeBron trashing him on live TV.

And apparently, the former QB didn’t take the heat too well, and he wants a chance to clear his name.

Can’t way to hear it…

Even Archie Manning said Peyton should apologize to the quarterback.

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