Larry Fleet Turns A Willing Blind Eye In New “Three Chords And A Lie”

Matt Paskert

Larry Fleet is absolutely crushing the game recently.

He caught everyone’s attention with the soulful “Where I Find God” last year and has been releasing singles from his new album, Stack Of Records, which dropped today.

My favorite of the new songs off the record is “Three Chords And A Lie,” a great twist on the old adage that real country music should be three chords and the truth.

In the song, a guy and his girl took a break recently and his brother and friends are telling him they’ve seen her around with another guy, even though she told him she was going to Mexico with a few of her friends.

The guy knows he can’t handle that, so he willingly plays the fool and tells himself it’s just a girl who likes like his.

“She said she’s in Mexico with a few of her girlfriends
Then they headed up to Dallas for a long weekend
The last time that I talked to her said she just needed time
So tonight I’m getting by on three chords and a lie”

Really solid writing and the guitar and vocals are almost sparkling they were done so well.

I’ve got a feeling this album is going to be on repeat for awhile…

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