Larry Fleet Premieres Powerful New Song “Where I Find God”

Matt Paskert

If you’re still sleeping on Larry Fleet, it’s about time for a wake-up call.

We first got a taste of Larry back in November when Jake Owen was kind enough to have us out to his hometown party in Vero Beach, Florida, and ever since, I’ve been hooked.

I’m telling you, Larry is the real deal.

And in Jake’s hometown, Larry knocked the crowd on their ass with a song called “Where I Find God.”

“This was the first song Connie Harrington and I ever wrote together. We shared the same faith in the Good Lord and felt that we – and the whole world – needed this song. I have played this song out on the road and it seems to hit people just the way it hit Connie and I. I’ve seen big burly grown men cry, and I’ve had people talk to me about where they find God after hearing it. To me, there’s no better feeling than that. I find God every time I look at my beautiful wife Phebe and little boy, when I’m in the woods hunting, or even just driving down the road. This is my interpretation of ‘blue collar gospel’ and it’s true to me. I hope this song helps people as much as it has helped me.”

Fleet’s debut album Workin’ Hard is now available everywhere.

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