It’s Official, Tiger King Season 2 Is On The Way

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It feels like ages ago when Tiger King first appeared on Netflix, and rocked all of our worlds. It was the beginning of the pandemic, the world riddled with uncertainty, but one thing we could all agree on:

The insanity and chaos that stemmed from the show is simply too much to put into words.

This summer, we gotta little tease about the possibility of a Tiger King Part Two, and even rumors that it was already in the works.

And now? Those rumors are officially a reality.

Netflix just announced via Twitter that Tiger King 2 will be on the streaming site very soon, and incase you were wondering how a sequel could possibly match up to the first season, don’t worry. Netflix promises just as much “mayhem and madness” from the original show.

It’s hard to believe, but judging by the untamed personalities of Joe Exotic, “that bitch” Carole Baskin, and all of the others who were featured on the original season, there’s no telling what’s in store for season two.

I guess Carole Baskin got that bagillion dollars she was begging for to take part in season two.

Let’s get it.

The trailer below included a quick snippet from Season 2

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