Ray Fulcher Releases Live Action “Compliment” Video From App State’s Kidd Brewer Stadium

Ray Fulcher just put out an awesome EP, Larkin Hill Mixes, that you should definitely go check out if you haven’t yet.

One of my favorite songs off of the five-track EP is a 90’s country style honky-tonker called “Compliment,” and he just released a hype new music video for the song that will make you wish you were at a concert (or college football game) at this very minute.

It was filmed at Luke Combs’ recent sold-out homecoming concert in Boone, North Carolina at Appalachian State University’s Kidd Brewer Stadium, and is just as fun and high-energy as the show was.

Ray was one of the openers for Luke, and has co-written many of his songs and #1 hits, like “Lovin’ On You,” “When It Rains It Pours,” “Even Though I’m Leaving,” and “Does To Me” (featuring Eric Church).

We all know what an important and full-circle night it was for Luke being back at his alma mater, Appalachian State University, where he first learned to play guitar and wrote his first song.

He even honored his musical hero, Eric Church, with a rendition of “Carolina” that I’ll never forget.

But, it was also a full-circle moment for Ray, who is one of Luke’s closest friends and shared his own pretty incredible story of what the night meant to him on Instagram not long ago.

It’s awesome to see his career as a solo artist start to takeoff, and I think stories like this help you appreciate any given artist’s music and songs just a little bit more.

Aside from Luke’s, this is the coolest one I’ve heard in a while, though:

“When I met Luke Combs in 2014, the very first thing we bonded over was Eric Church and specifically the ‘Sinners Like Me’ and ‘Carolina’ albums.

I remember talking about how those songs changed our life. How the song ‘Lightning’ made us feel things that we didn’t know music could make us feel. You know those people you meet and you have this instant connection with that you really can’t explain? Like you’ve known ’em your whole life.

That was it for me when I met the big fella from North Carolina. We started writing songs together and it felt so natural because the same things were so important to us in songs. Does it make us really FEEL something? And if not, let’s keep working.

That was something our hero was the best at. When we wrote ‘Does To Me’ in 2016 with Tyler Reeve we thought it sounded like something The Chief would sing. At the time, that was just a pipe dream. By 2019, though, we didn’t have to dream anymore.

Our biggest inspiration singing with Luke on a song we wrote? What in the hell. To top it off, that song went to radio and eventually was a multi-week number 1. At that exponentially greater than I deserve moment, I didn’t think this song could be any more special to me.

Until Saturday night. Luke called me up and we got to sing it together to a stadium full of 35,000 in his college town, Boone, NC. The same college town where the dream started for him, and also EC’s college town.

They don’t even write movie scripts that perfect because they are just too far fetched and too serendipitous even for fiction. I say all that to say – I’m very thankful and very grateful to have been a part of an unexplainable night on Saturday and this memory will live on as 4 of the most special minutes of my career and life.

Luke, you’re already a legend and the best singer I’ve ever heard, but somehow you’re an even better friend and person and you deserve every second of the magic and perfection that was Saturday night.

It was something really really special to behold and I’m glad I got to be there for it, pal. Let’s keep doing this country music thing for a while whatcha say.”

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