Ray Fulcher Proves He’s More Than A Songwriter With ‘Larkin Hill Mixes’ EP

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If you don’t know Ray Fulcher, you definitely know his work.

He’s become one of the most well-known songwriters in Nashville, especially after he co-wrote a number of songs on both of Luke Combs’ albums, This One’s For You and What You See Is What You Get.

Needless to say, the man carry a tune himself as well.

He can have you wanting to fall in love with songs like “Anything Like You Dance,” and even get you in your feelings with “Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs.”

He hasn’t released a full album since 2016, but today, he dropped a brand new EP, Larkin Hill Mixes.

The EP consists of five songs, and it paints the perfect picture of growing up in a small southern town. Let’s take a look, track by track:

1. “Compliment”

This song sounds like a full on ’90s country jam. The song has a badass build up, having you stomping your boots. Kinda makes you wish you were in a honky tonk somewhere down in Georgia.

2. “Girl in It”

This one has some great relatability, taking you from cleaning your truck and getting it ready for that first date, because there’s about to be a “girl in it,” to all the crazy things us guys do for the girl we want to pursue.

3. “Way Out”

You gotta love the word play in this song. Fulcher lists a number of things that make his hometown great, talking about how his town is “way out” there, but that’s exactly how he wants it to be.

He also notes that if you come to his hometown, you’ll never wanna find a “way out.”

4. “Bucket List Beers”

We’ve all had those memorable beers. From the first one ever, to celebrating your buddy coming home from overseas, there are always those beers that you’ll never forget.

5. “Damn If It Didn’t Hurt”

This is a good ol’ life lesson song. He sings about getting in his first fight, getting trucked by a linebacker on the football field, and taking on his first heartbreak.

At the end of the day, a lot of things in life “wouldn’t be worth a damn if it didn’t hurt.”

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