Drunk Indiana Man Crashes Into A Truck, Drunk Wife Comes To Pick Him Up, Crashes Into Aforementioned Crash

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Two peas in a pod.

According to Fox 59, Donald Ricketts of Poseyville, Indiana, was drunkenly driving down the highway when he crossed the center line and clipped the side of a tractor trailer driving in the opposite direction.

Narrowly avoiding a pretty devastating head on collision, Don contacted his wife to pick him up from the scene of the accident.

Since he was down the road from his home, his wife Cheral arrived on scene a few minutes later.

However, since she was also three sheets to the wind, she drove her car right into her husband’s car, which was still on the road after his accident.

Yes, you read that correctly… a drunk guy crashed his car and his equally drunk wife crashed into the crash scene picking him up.

Since both vehicles were totaled, and they were both working with a BAC of over .22 (he was .28), the only person picking them up from that scene was Indiana State police.

You can’t make this up…

But hey, they sound like one hell of a duo. I mean, how sad would this be if the wife had to go to the county jail and pick her dumbass husband up for being a drunk idiot? She’s upset, she’s mad, she doesn’t know how long she can go on like this… is divorce in their future? Probably…

But no, these two are riding and dying (both quite literally) together.

I mean, is there anything more romantic than waking up in jail together?

They’re gonna both gonna post bail, walk outta that jail together, hand in hand, stop at the nearest liquor store on their way home, maybe make a little post-prison whoopie and admire their new his and hers interlock devices that were newly installed on their cars ignitions.

Ah, true love…

It also reminds me of that scene in The Other Guys when they ram his Prius into the crime scene.

Great movie…

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