Lee Brice Hosted 4th Annual Dove Hunt With Jamey Johnson In Attendance

A man and a boy fishing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and dove hunting season is still at its peak in most parts of the country.

With the season-opening on September 1st most places, many folks have already shot plenty of doves, cleaned them up, and turned them into poppers with a bit of bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeño.

From the looks of it, country singer Lee Brice just hosted one heck of a dove hunt. He posted some photos from the hunt online and it appears that fellow musicians Jamey Johnson, Tim Montana and more were also in attendance to do a little wing shooting.

“4th annual dove hunt was a huge success!!

So thankful to be surrounded by so many great friends. Loved having my boys out there with me this year!! See y’all next time!!”

I’ve seen some pretty big dove shoots, but this might just be the biggest and best one yet in terms of participation and success.

One of the major reasons that dove hunting is so popular is that it can be done in large groups as opposed to most other types of hunting. On a typical dove hunt, hunters will spread out in a grid across a sunflower patch, agricultural field, or another food source for the birds and all hunt together at the same time.

Doves typically fly high, and they dive bomb into the fields to feed, so most shots are taken towards the sky with shotguns so hunters can pack in pretty close to one another. As a further safety measure, it’s a customary practice for all the hunters in the field to yell “low bird” and cease shooting, but for the most shots are taken towards the sky with shotguns that don’t travel nearly as far as a rifle shot dangerously into the air would go.

Dove hunting is highly interactive, and dove shoots are as much of a social event as they are an outdoor adventure. Because you can keep conversations going and hunt in groups, dove hunting is an excellent option for introducing kids and new hunters to the great outdoors.

Plus, as you can tell by the giant stack of birds they piled up on this hunt, you are permitted to shoot a relatively high limit of birds, and considering it often takes more than one shot to hit the fast-flying birds, you get to pull the trigger quite a bit while dove hunting.

Cleaning that many birds are a lot of work, but the feast that surely followed was more than likely well worth it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock