Luke Combs Was Afraid His Wife Nicole Would Think He “Was A Creep” For Writing “Beautiful Crazy” Before They Were Seriously Dating

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Luke Combs is the superstar in mainstream country music right now.

Of course, the recent music video for his #1 song “Forever After All” (which featured actual footage from his wedding to wife Nicole), is a sweet tribute to their love and absolutely stunning wedding day.

It’s hard to even believe he would be concerned about playing any of his songs for the first time, especially the ones inspired by her, but in fact, he was. In a recent interview with CMT, he said he and Nicole consider “Beautiful Crazy” more of “their song” than any of the others he’s written.

He actually wrote it before they officially started dating. Apparently, they’d only been on three dates prior to him penning the track.

“I wrote that song about her before we had even started dating officially. So, I mean, that was the song, I’ll never forget playing it for her the first time.

And how nervous I was for her to hear it.”

But, on the flip side, he was also nervous that she would find it creepy that he’d already written such a deep and personal song about her without really knowing her all that well at the time:

“I didn’t know if she would think I was a creep or not. She’d be like, ‘This guy, I’ve been on three dates with this guy, and he’s already written a song about me.’

But hey, it worked out. It worked out, you know?”

While that’s a fair take, I think it’s definitely safe to say it worked out pretty well in the end. It couldn’t gone horribly, horribly wrong, or it could’ve went exactly the way it did. They say when you know, you know, so I’m sure she was nothing short of thrilled to it, too.

I mean, what girl doesn’t want a song like that written about them? And, it turned out to be a monster hit for him on top of that, so he really had nothing to worry about at all.

Check out Luke tell the story himself:

“Beautiful Crazy”

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