Florida State Player Proposes On The Field While Jacksonville State Is Celebrating Their Massive Upset

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Jacksonville State celebrated a massive upset during the first full Saturday of college football this past weekend, beating Florida State in the final seconds of the game with a walk-off touchdown.

It’s the alma mater of Riley Green, who was the Jacksonville State quarterback back from 2007-2009, and he also posted a throwback photo to celebrate the huge win:

As someone who is still not over the greatest college football upset of all time when my App State Mountaineers beat Michigan back in 2007, I can say wholeheartedly that there’s nothing sweeter than that feeling.

I mean, just listen to the Jacksonville State radio call from the final seconds of the game over the weekend. If you consider yourself a sports fan at all, it will give you major chills:

But, quite possibly crazier than the game itself was what happened afterwards.

An FSU player actually proposed on the field at Doak Campbell Stadium as the Jacksonville State people were still on the field celebrating behind them:

And, I just have a couple comments…

First of all, to defend the player here really quick, I’m sure he had picked this game to propose at originally because he figured it’d be the easiest game of the season and that he’d get down on one knee after a win (first mistake).

And, he probably had all kinds of friends and family there to witness it. Proposals in the south are often a huge production, so I can assure you this was no different. There was no turning back at this point, even with such a horrible loss for the Florida State people.

Second of all, though, as a girl, I would be pissed. I’m not the kind who’s really thought all that much about my dream proposal, but I can tell you what I don’t want, and it’s this.

Regardless of if FSU won or lost, there’s just so much other stuff going on at such a big event that it seems like it would be hard to even enjoy the moment. I’ve honestly never understood why people get engaged at sporting events.

But third of all, if my team had just taken a big old loss like that, I sure as shit would not want to turn around and get engaged. I need at least 24 hours of turn-around time after any of my teams lose, especially after an upset like this. I would look completely miserable in every single photo, and who wants that?

Plus, every time they look at the photos, they’ll always remember how bad the game was and see all of the JSU players and coaches in the background. You know those pictures will be plastered all over their house for years to come.

And look, I know a lot went into planning this (as is the case with any proposal), but come on.

This is the time you call an audible and reschedule the proposal for another time.

But then again, if Florida State had done that in the first place, he’d probably be proposing after a win…

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